Eric Fischer (enf) wrote,
Eric Fischer

Year in review

The big thing this year was that somehow, unexpectedly, I went from being an unknown to being that guy who made those maps. Things that I made have appeared in more national and international media than I can keep track of, and people whose work I have long admired from afar know who I am.

At the same time, my professional accomplishments are probably less this year than any time in the past decade. My attempt to make myself more relevant by changing groups was utterly unsuccessful and I went back.

And my youthful immortality is gone. I'm not dead yet, but I've got gout, scars, congestion, soreness, and receding gums that are probably never going to get better, and it's bound to get worse from here. It makes it seem all the more urgent to do important things and to be places where I will have experiences before I am no longer capable of it.

The firm where Steph had worked for years melted down, but fortunately, after some anxiety, what remained of it was folded into a new one with greater stability and bigger opportunities for her.

Travels: Washington, DC has some phenomenal neighborhoods as well as its famous monuments, and it was great to see people in Maryland and Virginia. Covington, Kentucky has an amazingly lively and extensive walkable neighborhood for a city of its size, and many other cities with ten times the population would be lucky to have something so good. Santa Cruz has a pretty good downtown, and I visited the 37°N, 122°W degree confluence. We took the Coast Starlight to Los Angeles.

We painted the living room. I've scanned hundreds of old family pictures.

The same old hopes for 2011: to make something worthwhile, spend time in interesting places, and try to be a good person.
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