Eric Fischer (enf) wrote,
Eric Fischer

How do you eat corn?

Steph eats corn like it was on a typewriter -- eating an entire row from left to right and then rotating the cob to bring the next row into place. She says all her relatives eat corn this way.

I eat corn like it was on a lathe -- rotating the cob to get all the kernels from each set of columns, and then shifting over to the next set of columns. I have no idea who else eats corn this way.

A search of YouTube reveals that most eating of corn is done by dogs and cats. But at least three videos have people eating corn her way, and at least one video has people eating corn my way.

How do you eat corn?

Poll #1599890 Eating corn

How do you eat corn on the cob?

Like a typewriter -- eating from one side to the other and then rotating after a row is finished
Like a lathe -- rotating the cob and then shifting over after a column is finished
Some other way that I will describe in comments

Yum, corn.
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