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for whom the streets were named

Valencia Street and Guerrero Street are named after people who lived near Mission Dolores in the 1850s, but strangely, it turns out, neither street ran through the property of the person for whom it was named.

This map is from Candelario Valencia's land claim. It will probably look a lot more familiar rotated and superimposed onto a present-day street map:

The Valencia lands were most of the block from Dolores to Guerrero, from 16th to Dorland. Francisco Guerrero's (or, as it is spelled here, Gueraro) were the remainder of that block, plus another lot on the east side of Dolores between 15th and 16th, plus a large lot northwest of the corner of Alert and Dolores.

Of the other names on the map, Fremont and De Haro still have streets named after them elsewhere in the city. Duboce used to be named after Robert Ridley, but is no longer. I don't know who the Brown was who owned the lot at the corner of 16th and Guerrero through which Gaiser Court now runs.
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